Works List

J.S. Bach wearing Santa hat.

The home shrine

LIST OF WORKS (all durations approximate):

clusterstruck (2011) for orchestra (60″, as part of 60 X 60 project of Vox Novus)

looking back (2003) for violin solo (6’ 48”)

alleluia (2003) for SATB choir with soprano, alto, and baritone soloists

jailbreak (2002) for flute & viola (6’ 32”)

against hope (prelude and fugue) (2002) for piano (6’10”)

fugue states (2001) for string quartet (15’30”),

Sine Nomine I (1999) for violin & piano (3’)

(poetic) license (1997) for orch. (2-2-2-2/2-2/timp/perc/str) (19’)

New Leaf (1996) for trumpet solo (2’20”)

L’esprit d’escalier (1995) for piano, four hands (2’45”)

Der Geist von Schlegel (1995) for vln-vc-pf (6’)

in forma pauperis (1995) for vc solo (4’)

pretiolae per non dormire (1994) for horn and string orchestra (4’55”)

Brass Quintet (1993) for brass quintet (5’)

Aperitifs (1992) for string quartet (4’30”)

A Child’s Prayer (1986) for choir s-s-a (a cappella) (1’20”)

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